How to Advertise Your Property for Rent

How to Advertise Your Property for Rent

If you are a landlord who's looking to advertise your property for rent online or offline, you might be wondering how you should be marketing a property.

There are many unique ways to do it. But you don't want to spread yourself too thin, either. That's why it's good to focus on a few key ways to advertising a rental.

Read on to see some distinctive ways of property marketing.

Think about Where Your Potential Tenants Are Hanging Out

Don't spread the net wide and hope that someone gets caught in the net. Instead, find out what kind of tenant would be your ideal and then focus on attracting them to your property for rent

If it's Millennials, then you might want to go to Quora, Craigslist, or Reddit where a lot of them search for rental properties. If it's Baby Boomers, then perhaps Facebook would be key for you. 

Always Take Professional Pictures

You already know the power of a great image. You are more likely to click on something that has a great image associated with it. Humans are visual creatures and that's been proven with rental properties.

Realtors who use professional real estate photographs sell their listed homes 32% faster than others. This implies that spending the extra cash to get professional photographs is well worth it.

Do a Video Tour to Account For Remote Tenants

You don't want to limit yourself to tenants who are in the neighborhood and can pop in for a quick tour of the property. What about people who are about to move to your city or students who are going to go to a school near you?

You don't want to exclude them by not providing any options for them to view your property. That's why having a 360 video tour of the property is a great idea. They can check out your property in the comfort of their homes!

Never Forget about Social Networks

Despite the upsurge of many new ways of advertising a property for rent by the owner, don't forget to list a property on social media networks. It could be as simple as sharing it on Instagram or Facebook.

Or you could even start a YouTube channel or TikTok and start sharing your properties there. Remember that, in America, people spend 2 hours and 3 minutes on social media!

That's on average. Some people on there for even longer. Take advantage of this!

Use Property Listing Syndications

A property listing syndication is a way to list your properties across all major rental websites automatically. An example of this would be Rentberry. 

It's an easy way of ensuring you get your property in front of as many eyeballs as possible. If you are desperate or looking to rent your property fast, this would be a good way to do it. 

This Is How You Advertise a Property for Rent

Looking at the myriad unique ways of advertising a property for rent, you might be wondering if you are going to have to give up your full-time job to take on this new work. 

Fear not! If this seems like too much for you, think about hiring a property management service to take care of all your rental property needs. No need to worry about advertising a rental or anything like that again!

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