5 Property Marketing Tips You Need to Know

5 Property Marketing Tips You Need to Know

Are you in the market for property marketing tips? Want to ensure you can bring in respectable clientele and make a profit? 

Let us help! 

The real estate industry is always fluctuating. Stay on top of the game by staying up-to-date on real estate marketing trends. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of five property marketing tips you need to know!

So keep reading so you can stand out from the competition! 

1. Use Social Media

As of 2020, the average user spends almost three hours a day on social media. Take advantage of the new-age technology. Use popular sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to share your listing. 

Post photos, virtual tours, and videos of the property. Check comments and answer questions left on any posts to show clients you are easy to contact. 

Keep clients engaged across platforms with sharable content. And watch your rental property come alive interest. 

2. Send An Email 

Email and newsletters are property marketing trends that keep engagement high. Set up email campaigns using social media ads or capture them from your website. 

Have links where users can subscribe to stay up-to-date about open houses. Or get a first look at soon-to-be-listing properties. 

3. Host An Event

Not everyone is content with a simple virtual showing. And while COVID has changed the way traditional showings work, there are still safe ways to do it. 

Schedule an open house or small event where clients can see the property for themselves. This will give them hands-on experience and help them capture the true vision of the property. 

Use social media, your email newsletters, and word of mouth to promote the event. 

4. Market The Area

Besides photos of the home itself, your listing should showcase the community as well. Include photos of any amenities within the community, as well as local landmarks. This will help potential clients become familiar with the area. 

Northern Virginia offers a variety of attractions from historical sites to colonial gardens. Showcase the ones that surround your property. List shopping, restaurants, and tourist attractions that are nearby.

And get clients excited about the area they could move into!

5. Hire Professionals

Worried you won’t have the time or skills to perform the four real estate marketing tips listed above? Don't let yourself get overwhelmed trying to do everything. Consider hiring a property management company. 

A property management company will not only help you with general maintenance. They can also manage your property marketing needs. Their access to rental sites and interactive technology gives clients an immersive experience. 

Allow you to focus on closing the deal! 

Property Marketing Is A Joy With A Property Management Company

Whether you are a first-timer or professional, property marketing is no simple task. 

Our experts at Home River Group in Northern Virginia will bring your rental listing to life! From online advertising and 3D tours, your clients will have 24/7 property viewing access! 

Don't wait! Contact us today to set up your free analysis! 

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