4 Property Maintenance Tips Every Landlord Should Know

4 Property Maintenance Tips Every Landlord Should Know

Do you own a rental property in Northern Virginia? Do you know how to maintain that property?

If you want to keep your tenants happy, you need to make sure their living standards are top-notch. That means taking care of any maintenance issues or repairs as they come up.

Property maintenance will also help you maintain or increase the value of your property. Over time, this means you can charge more for rent. If you decide to sell the property, you can also make a lot of money from the positive equity.

But what can you do to make all of this happen?

We can help you there. Keep reading for our top four property maintenance tips every landlord in Northern Virginia should know.

1. Respond as Quickly as Possible

Responding quickly to tenant complaints and reports is one of the most important property maintenance tips. It's your duty as a landlord to provide a high-quality living standard for your tenants.

For example, if their AC stops working in the middle of summer, your rental unit won't be a comfortable home for them. If you repeatedly respond slowly to these types of issues, you'll quickly lose tenants who lose faith in you as a landlord.

2. Get Regular Inspections

Studies suggest that the average homeowner spends a minimum of 1% of the home's value each year on property maintenance. Major repairs, of course, will add to these costs. 

If you want to maintain a low budget for property maintenance, we recommend getting regular inspections of the major structural and functional components of the property. This includes roof inspections, HVAC inspections, foundation inspections, and more. If you catch property maintenance issues early, you can make remediations before it becomes a bigger, more expensive problem.

3. Consider Working With a Property Management Company

Many property owners don't have the time or resources to dedicate to adequate property maintenance. For example, if you work full time outside of owning rental properties, it can be hard to find time to check up on your units.

If you lack the time, skill, or desire to maintain your units, work with a property management company. On top of maintenance and repairs, property management services also include rent collection, vacancy advertising, eviction notices, tenant screening, and more.

4. Pay Attention to Curb Appeal

When people think of curb appeal, they usually relate its importance to selling real estate. However, maintaining your rental property's curb appeal is one of the most important landlord tips. Renters want the exteriors of their homes to be attractive, even if they don't own them.

This type of property maintenance is vital for multiple reasons. First, it will help you attract tenants when your property is vacant.

Secondly, curb appeal will increase the value of your property. As noted earlier, this translates to higher rental rates and a higher resale value.

Need Help With Property Maintenance or Repairs in Northern Virginia?

Whether you have multiple properties already or you're in the process of becoming a landlord, you can't ignore the importance of property maintenance. We hope these tips serve you well to improve your reputation and wealth as a property owner in Northern Virginia.

If you need help with repair or maintenance, we're here for you. Contact us today to learn more about our property maintenance and other management services. And feel free to look through our blog to find more advice for landlords.

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